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Sup Yoga

Check my booking system for full dates and times of all Sup Yoga classes as this is available at multiple locations all over Essex!

Alexander Lake found within Lakeside Shopping Centre.

Morning Yoga - follow me for dates and times.

Fambridge Yacht Haven, Church Road, North Fambridge, Chelmsford, CM3 6LU
Sunrise & sunset teaming up with Wot-Sup Paddle School Ltd. - follow me for dates and times.

Wet n Dry Boardsports, Lower Barn Farm, Rayleigh, SS6 9E

As seen on Essex Live 2021 - follow me for dates and times.

David Lloyd, Snakes Ln, Southend-on-Sea, SS2 6XT

Coming soon - follow me for dates and times.



Join me on the water for a positive, magical and relaxing
yoga flow giving you the sparkle you need.

Connecting with the breathe, asana and the element water.

✨ Allow waves of unconditional love to wave over you ✨

About Sup Yoga

The classes will be held in various locations in Essex. The below information relates to Lakeside and Fambridge:

The Boards 
Here at lakeside the boards used are DHYANA 11'0" designed specifically for Sup  yoga and are completely beginner friendly. There is also a docking station which you and your board will be secured to.
The boards are inflatable and they measure

LENGTH 11'0" / 336cm

WIDTH 36" / 91 cm
The docking station is inflatable and measures

Once you arrive for your lesson a full safety briefing will be given, explaining all the equipment, how to use it and how to paddle. Life jackets are available if requested but are not compulsory.


Why Sup Yoga?

Not only will you reap all  the benefits that you get from a normal yoga practice but with Sup Yoga you get to be at one with nature, connect with the elements and feel a complete sense of tranquillity.

The Benefits

✔ Connecting with the water gives a sense of peace, calmness and positive wellbeing.

✔ Create a greater sense of mindfulness, creativity, concentration, confidence and space for growth.

✔ Increases flexibility, blood circulation, strengthens muscles and promotes a healthy spine.

✔ Enhances balance, posture, coordination and strength.

✔ Connecting with the outdoors is proven to improve  your mood, reduces feelings of stress and anxiety.

✔ Relaxes your physical, mental and energetic body.

✔ Realigns the balance of mind, body and soul.

Class Duration

Classes will be 90 mins long.
This includes a safety briefing and time to get us safely on the boards. 
Giving you a full hour on the water for yoga and relaxation.


What to Wear and What to Bring With You

Bring a spare change of clothing in case you are lucky enough to fall in or you get wet.

Make sure you wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in with no restrictions such as leggings, shorts, T-shirts and a jumper for the colder mornings.

It is recommended that you are bare foot, however if you have your own wetsuit boots then you are welcome to wear these.


Wetsuits are not required for the session, however in the colder months you may wish to bring your own as this will not be available at the lake. Buoyancy aid will be available for those who are  less confident on the water.

Throughout the summer months it is advised to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from  UVA & UVB.

Please do bring a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated. 


Both of these forms must be read and completed prior
to joining me on the water:

Terms & Conditions
Waiver Form