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Family Yoga Classes

Join me all over Essex for the ultimate Family, Children's & Teen Yoga!


Classes & Prices


I'm so excited to be sharing these magical classes with you, whether it's families coming together or children attending on their own. You're probably thinking they already do so many after school activities such as swimming, gymnastics, football, dance and many more, but here's why yoga should also be one of them...

Why Children's Yoga?

Children's yoga is a fun way for children to develop a variety of important skills in a nurturing, safe and non-competitive environment. From a young age children begin to experience pressure to perform, not just academically but also socially. The above sports are all fantastic and beneficial for your child, but there's no other form of exercise that offers such a wide range of movements that exercises the mind AND strengthens the breath, all whilst being fun!


While practicing children's yoga we bend forward and back, we twist and side bend, strengthen and stretch, balance, and even spend some time upside down. We might even make one giant plane or human sandcastles! Your children will gain all the other benefits associated with yoga helping them to be stronger and more flexible, but more importantly these yogic exercises are adapted for children, assisting in cultivating and enhancing the minds capacity for creativity, sensitivity, inquisitiveness and expansion.

What Does a Class Look Like?
In a children's yoga class, they are not isolated to their own mats, there is a greater sense of partner work and working in groups, but also offering a space for those who might find the class overwhelming. For those children, we still welcome them to the class, they will have their own space to observe whilst playing with fun crafts, colouring and drawing, or simply watching the other children whilst holding their favourite toy.

What makes children's yoga so special is that it captures not only the awareness of ourselves, but for each other and our environment. During the class children are guided on a magical journey around the world, learning about other countries and cultures as well as fun facts. A lot of the yoga poses are based on animals, in which we might also teach the children more about their habitats, endangered species and also about global issues such as recycling.

As children grow their personality develops and becomes more clearer, everyone needs exercise but not everyone is comfortable with the rough nature of hockey or a fast-paced game of football. To keep your child off the couch and not engrossed into TV or a computer game, yoga can be a great alternative. On the outside yoga appears to be solely a practice about relaxation and flexibility, and whilst all these things are very much included, my yoga classes are so much more than just that, AND they're FUN!

Family Yoga

Classes are designed for anyone to join; Nanny, Mummy and Daddy, younger sibling, older sibling, everyone is welcome as there is something for everyone during our Family Yoga classes.

💗 Adults over 18: £10 

💗 Teen 13-17yrs: £10

💗 Children 2-12yrs: £5

Children's Yoga

Classes will be held within age groups and will be an hour long.

💗 2-4yrs

💗 5-9yrs

💗 10-12 yrs

1 x class: £10 per child

4 x week block bookings: £8 per child

Teen Yoga

Please message me for any group or one-to-one sessions.

Permanent classes and locations will be available soon.

I will be offering pop-up events so please keep an eye out on my socials for more information, or visit my events section HERE.

Children's & Teen yoga parties are also available, for more information please drop me an email so that we can discuss this further.

For more details, please feel free to contact me.
I look forward to seeing you at one of our classes soon. 

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