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I'm Steph - thank you for being here.

I found yoga in my late teens when I was living in Ireland; I started a basic teacher training course but due to leaving the country I didn't continue the course at the time. I completed my Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage and Indian head massage qualification. Following this, I've spent my entire adult life as a manager within retail, fashion, travel and hospitality. I often found myself on holiday staring into the ocean saying "I will leave retail; I will be happy and I will love my job with my whole heart."


In 2018 I lost my father having seen him in such pain and suffering as he fought for his life for 15 months. That's when I quickly recognised that life is just too short. He was taken so young and I knew it was time to chase those dreams.
Shortly after this, in my late 30's, I went travelling on my own and this is where yoga found me once again.

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Over the years of living such an active life I attained a few injuries such as a torn hamstring, knee pain, weak wrists, lower back problems  and shoulder issues - Yoga helped me overcome all of these.
Based on this, I immersed myself in my 200-hour teaching training and I finally felt complete. I knew I had found my calling in life.

I started to teach in various places, and I cannot describe (even to this very day) how full my heart is. Because of this, and my love for water I decided to combine both passions and begun my sup yoga instructor course. 

Qualified in both, and now offering a variety of Yoga experiences, I want to share all this beautiful knowledge with you, I want you to feel what I feel, I want you to connect with the outdoors using the elements with asana and breath.

It’s never too late to start.
It’s never too late to chase your dreams.

✨The happiness you seek is within ✨

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