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Puppy Yoga Classes

Join me all over Essex for the ultimate Puppy Yoga therapy experience:

Family Puppy Yoga
Adult only Puppy Yoga
Corporate Puppy Yoga
Puppy Yoga for Private Parties


These pop-up events are found on my social media so make sure you follow me so you  don't miss out. You will also be able to find these via my booking system where all the  dates, times and locations can be found.

Family Puppy Yoga (2-12yrs, 13-17yrs, 18+ yrs)

All children must be accompanied by an adult. When booking, please include ages and names of all Yogi's if one person has made the booking for the entire group.


🐾 Adults over 18

£35 pp (Essex)

£45 pp (London)

🐾 One paying adult can bring their child (2-12yrs): £10pp

An additional child can attend - maximum of 2 children per 1 adult for an additional £10

🐾 Teens 13-17yrs

 £20pp (Essex)

£25pp (London)
Must be accompanied by an adult

How Does it Work?

You'll be surrounded by puppies while enjoying a relaxing floor based /beginner friendly yoga class which also includes lots of puppy cuddles of course. All puppies, mats , yoga will be provided by us all you need to do is come along. We also take lots of photos for you to remember your special day.


Why Puppy Yoga?

We all love puppies, they're fun, playful, cute, affectionate and full of energy.

It's proven that just a minute of being with a puppy gives so much happiness , laughter and increases feelings of relaxation and trust while reducing stress and anxiety. Just a simple smile releases endorphins in the body that provide numerous health benefits so imagine what happens when you include puppies and yoga . Reaping all the benefits you get from practicing yoga add puppies equals the perfect gift you can give to yourself or a loved one . 

Puppy Yoga Benefits

Not only is it great for you but these lil fur babies also love the attention and love they receive , through these positive interactions and happy environment shared with us hoomans the pups will grow up to become very sociable and ready for their forever homes. 

Growth & Development

Not only is it important for us adults to reap these benefits of puppy therapy, but many of the forever homes our pups go to end up having children within their families; sometimes their energetic, playful and jumpy ways can often be to much for the children, but by introducing our lil hoomans to puppies via puppy yoga, allows both our lil hoomans and pups to become comfortable with eachother, and this helps to build those relationships early. These classes will help to teach our children how to play and care for a lil fur baby, and they also get to reap the benefits of yoga - but with A LOT more fun. 

Puppy Therapy

Animal assisted therapy can be helpful in a variety of instances for those who  have experienced trauma in their lifetime. We create a relaxing, calming environment working with a trained therapist to support you in your journey.


Corporate & Private Parties

I am available to host private adult & children puppy parties, or special puppy therapy yoga classes at your workplace! 
Please email us to discuss these options further.

For more details, please feel free to contact me.
I look forward to seeing you at one of our classes soon. 


Hear me on BBC Essex Radio LIVE talking about Puppy Yoga:

Want to book a class? Make sure you visit our Terms & Conditions
and have signed our Waiver Form before attending.

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