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Yoga Wellness

Welcome to Nirvana



Steph Dias 
Yoga and Sup Yoga Practitioner

Practicing healthy habits on a daily basis gives you the nirvana you need to achieve physical and mental bodhisattva; using the elements, music, asana and breath allowing you to feel waves of magic glisten over your body and mind.
A yoga practice like never before. 


n. a state of perfect happiness, harmony & freedom



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My Yoga classes range from indoor, outdoor, family, office yoga, aerial yoga, 1-2-1, and experience days!


Whether you're looking to join a group class or an energising sunrise or sunset flow in North Fambridge, Leigh-on-Sea or a location you prefer...the choice is yours...

Sup Yoga

Join me on the water for a positive, magical and relaxing yoga flow giving you the sparkle you need. Connecting with the breath, asana and the element water.

I offer beautiful SUP Yoga classes in varied locations across Essex. Visit my timetable for more information...

I love Steph's yoga classes, she's so friendly and knowledgable, and just gets the best balance of strengthening and challenging yourself, while still keeping it relaxing. Her flows have helped me improve a lot just in the last few months, and I do love the background music she plays!
I can't recommend trying her yoga flows enough, you couldn't find a better yoga teacher.


 As soon as I met Steph, I felt at complete ease. She gave off such a friendly and calming aura... I absolutely loved doing our one on one together and I immediately got together with my friends and booked a group session for a few weeks later.
Excellent instructor, provided clear informative instructions with many varied warm up stretches, positions which prepared you well for the class which flowed really well, very impressed.

Connect with me @nirvana_yoga_wellness

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